How Cute Are Nicky Hilton's Daughters As They Crash Her Live Interview?

by Guest of A Guest · July 23, 2020

    Earlier this morning, Nicky Hilton appeared on the local LA news station, KTLA. While our favorite fashion It Girl was there to chat about her très chic collection of ballet flats with French Sole, all eyes quickly turned to her daughter Lily-Grace, who crashed the interview and stole the show.

    Normally, Nicky is pretty diligent about only posting photos of her girls from behind, most likely a thoughtful parenting move to give her kids some sense of anonymity on the playground. Because really, how creepy is it when you're walking around the streets of New York and you recognize someone's kid from their Instagram stories? Which is to say we're sure Nicky is none too pleased her daughter broadcast herself live on the news, as her semi-stunned face definitely shows in the very beginning as she tries to sweetly scoot her daughter away.

    As Lily-Grace holds tight while her mom tries her best to answer some questions, off screen her younger sister Teddy can be heard desperate for a little spotlight of her own.

    Can you even with these cuties?

    [Photo via @nickyhilton]