"I actually don't read anything, because I feel like the haters really like to hate out loud, [and] that people who love sometimes love quietly. So I don't really listen or look at anything[...] I'm having a good time. Like, who would you rather hang out with: that cynical dude or, like, me with my laser beams?"

by Emily Green · May 5, 2010

    Kesha, I thought we went over this last week! When you open your mouth to reporters, all you're doing is providing the world with more reasons why you're a complete moron.  Are those even your real thoughts?! Or are you playing up the ignorant trailer trash thing to maintain your image?  Whatever, just keep them to yourself because they're like brain damage. Play with your laser beams and pipe down. And to answer your question, we'd much prefer hanging out with the cynical dude because at least he's operating on planet earth. Maybe he says inane things too but it's doubtful they even hold a candle to the level of raw, unadulterated stupidity of yours.

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