"I think everybody's going to sit there with their mouths open... It's pretty jaw-dropping."

by Emily Green · June 29, 2010

    Markus Klinko, one half of the photographer duo featured on Bravo's new show, "Double Exposure" thinks we're going to be shocked by what Lindsay Lohan reveals about her sexuality in tonight's episode. Classic tactic to tease the show and get us to tune in.

    This better be good. A little bi-curiosity, or even full-fledged homosexuality is not going to cut it.  Everyone and their mom is well aware of Lindsay's proclivity for switching teams, so no news there. Unless she divulges some kind of S&M fetish or fantasies involving animals, then we might find it somewhat compelling. But something tells us that's not the case and so we'll keep on not watching the show.

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