"If a photographer comes onto my property, I have the right to shoot him!"

by Emily Green · April 26, 2010

    Oh really? Does that same logic apply when Jon Gosselin infests other people's property?

    Jon, maybe if you refrained from your adventures in dipshit and act like a normal person - meaning spend less time staying out all night with trashy girls and be a dad to your eight children, for the love of god ditch the Ed Hardy, and stop kicking it with winners like Michael Lohan - people wouldn't want to take pictures of you.  But as long as you continue acting like an exceptional asshole, the paparazzi are going to follow you and document it for all the world to see.  We know Kate was a nightmare on wheels and are genuinely sorry you had to endure that but it's time to move on, man.  Don't wallow in douchery.

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