"I’ve watched Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven… I mean you can’t believe what I’ve had to watch. I told my daughter the other day – ‘do you know what I have had to do for you? I had to sit through Rugrats in Europe, OK? That was so painful but I love you so much that I sat through that with you.’"

by Emily Green · June 21, 2010

    Larry DavidOne of our favorite people in TV, Larry David, explains how the shows he watches are mostly dictated by his childrens' preferences in a hilarious new interview with Dazed Digital.  We'd LOVE to see a scene in which Larry has to watch That's So Raven in the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Another favorite gem from the interview was his response to the assertion that the title of his show is very un-American:

    "Yes (laughs). I mean, who likes enthusiasm? It’s quite sickening isn’t it – to see enthusiastic people when you’re miserable. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants to ask how’s everything and hear; ‘fabulous! Things are fantastic! I feel great!’ No. You want to hear – ‘ehhhh, you know.’"

    Classic... For more priceless Larry answers, check out the full interview.

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