"[Leonardo DiCaprio] handles everything with such poise. He's very low-key, and I'm the same kind of way. When you see me in a club, you don't see me going crazy; you see me with a hat and a hood on, laying back."

by Emily Green · April 7, 2010

    I'm sorry, did I miss something? Was Vinny Gaudagnino watching the same show as the rest of the world? Homie, you were dancing on top of banquettes and beating that beat up in clubs on a regular basis throughout the "Jersey Shore" season.  How can you even say this with a straight face? Your show didn't become a cultural phenomenon because you guys kept a low profile with you "laying back" in the corner with your hood on.  Your show was fun to watch because you guys were animals and with a complete lack of poise and tact. Embrace that, and own it. The rest of us have. And I'm not even going to get into the outlandish Leo comparison. But please continue to do what you do best and keep these entertaining nuggets of absurdity coming.

    [Photo via poptower]