"People were really upset that we had a 12-minute song. And they really, really hated the cover... Some people took that personally. The people whose voices are on the Internet, on blogs and music review websites, aren't necessarily the opinions I give a shit about...

by Emily Green · August 20, 2010

    And the people I do give a shit about have said really positive things. A lot of musicians I respect really like the new album."

    -Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT on the receptions of the band's sophomore album, Congratulations [via]

    That was way harsh, Tai. But seriously, ouch. We're totally in MGMT's corner, as fans and as voices on the internet, so it's pretty disappointing to hear that Andrew doesn't give a shit about our opinion.

    MGMT on the cover of BlackBook's April 2010 issue

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