"...Positive thinking. Believing that it's going to be O.K. And so far it has been. Why bitch about anything? You're not hungry. You're not cold. Neither am I. We're not sick. So everything is fine. If you continue to live in the now, then things will be O.K."

by Emily Green · May 14, 2010

    Watch out people, Willie Nelson is dropping knowledge like whoa these days. First, last week with his philosophy on weed and now this.

    When asked what helps him get through difficult times, he serves it up and makes us all feel like wusses for ever complaining with his 'buck up' and 'walk it off' attitude. Dayum Willie, you are a trove of wisdom.  But maybe he can't complain because he's Willie effing Nelson. Would you be bitch about anything if you were him with his ever-expanding bank account? And all you had to do was strum your gi-tar, rock braids and smoke fat doobies all day long. Oh wait, he doesn't do j's too much anymore, he's switched over to vaporizers. You know, for health reasons.

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