"...the poof is very much alive and almost a couple of inches bigger than it was last year, oddly enough. With her poof, she's almost standing at 5 feet right now."

by Emily Green · April 12, 2010

    Phew! Thank you SallyAnn Salsano for clearing that up.  Don't worry guys, Snooki's poof will be joining the rest of the cast for another season of "Jersey Shore." Now we can finally sleep at night.  The idea of Shnooks going sans-poof is more than we can bear. But it sounds like the guidette's greatest asset will be back and better than ever.

    The poof will be kicking ass and taking names in the upcoming season.  What else can we expect from the Poof? Will its ego swell so big that it challenges Pauly D's blow-out to fist pump battle? We can only hope.

    [Photo via guiltyofgossip]