Now's your chance to live like a true shut-in, in the most luxurious way possible of course. The infamous recluse's three-bedroom mid-century modern home in the posh sunny setting of Palm Springs is now on the market for $2.1 million. A fairly modest number considering it was the former home of such an eccentric, spend-happy billionaire. 

While it may have been the first of Hughes' properties to be sold off in 1976 following his death, the home has had its fair share of famous inhabitants since - including producer Paul Keyes, actress Eva Gabor, and Smokey Robinson.

If that list of fun facts isn't enough to convince you that this place is a steal, just look at the blast from the past, retro yellow poolside cabana. Something that looks so straight out of a '60s film set it's unbelievable. As for the rest of the home, original appliances and finishes elevate the charm of a bygone era.

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