Hunter Biden has been channeling his creativity lately - but he's hardly living like a starving artist.

According to reports, the scandal-prone First Son has decamped to Malibu with his wife, Melissa Cohen, and 1-year-old son, where the family is currently renting an expansive waterfront pad to the tune of $20,000 a month. 

The 3,000-square-foot home boasts sunny interiors with a stone fireplace, French doors, and stunning ocean views. In addition to four bedrooms and a plush backyard complete with a built-in pool and hot tub, the house also has a large three-car garage which Hunter has apparently converted into his own private art studio. 

In a June interview with Artnet, the 51-year-old revealed that he's been working on his art full time, preparing for upcoming exhibitions in both Los Angeles and New York. Per the publication, his makeshift studio space has "a brick floor and a skylight," which, combined with the sound of ocean waves, sounds nice enough.

While he's yet to share a peek into his studio, you can take a tour of the rest of the home ahead...

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