Picture this: a young, taut, Titanic era Leonardo DiCaprio frolicking on a Malibu waterfront known as "Billionaire's Beach," a model on each arm, his perfectly flippy hair blowing in the wind. At the end of this vaguely erotic romp, Leo and his posse head back inside his sunlit bungalow, perhaps taking a dip in the private jacuzzi, perhaps stopping by the well-equipped kitchen for some sort of humanitarian-friendly dish. Where they all end up is clear, of course; that ocean view master bedroom has a harem-sized bed in it, after all.

We mean, this is probably what the days looked like at 21844 Pacific Coast Highway, the jewel box of a vacation home that Leo bought back when he was just 24 years old. The modern, 3-bedroom, 2-bath beach house cost him $1.6 mil back then, but, savvy little Oscar-winner that he is, DiCaprio has recently put it on the market for $10.95 million. A little pricey for a place with no maids quarters or guest house, sure, but could anything beat the lived-in scent of Leonardo? 

Where do we sign?

[Photos via The Partners Trust]