Inside The Hilton Family's $75 Million Bel-Air Estate

by Guest of A Guest · March 16, 2021

    It's hard to remember that the Hiltons were a thing before Paris, you know? But like, let's not forget - one of her great grandfather Conrad Hilton's three wives was Zsa Zsa Gabor, and his son, the OG Nicky Hilton, was married to Elizabeth Taylor for a hot second. Oh, and then there's that whole Hilton hotels thing.

    All that to say, Paris may be all about the glitz and the glam, but she certainly learned from the pros. 

    Case in point? Her grandfather Conrad's historic Los Angeles residence. 

    Commissioned by CBS Co-Founder Jay Paley in 1935, Brooklawn Estate is one showstopper of a place to call home. Designed by famed architect Paul R. Williams, the thirteen bedroom, seventeen bathroom, 15,011 square foot mansion is a bonafied Bel-Air landmark.

    Having been in the Hilton family for nearly 60 years - the site of many a grand backyard birthday bashes and opulent holiday parties - the home is now in the market for a new owner. And, as you'd guess, they're not giving it away! 

    Follow along as the social media star's dad and brother bring you on a tour inside the incredible $75 million property! (And we know there's not very much pink and basically no sparkles or Swarovski crystals randomly put on things, but seriously, why doesn't Paris buy this place!?)