We're big fans of salad here at the GofG L.A. office. In fact, it's what most of us have for lunch during the workday. But salads that will satisfy our desire to eat somewhat healthy, as well as appease our grumbling tummies and discerning taste buds are surprisingly hard to come by. More often than not, we are let down by our lunchtime mixed greens that have very little else happening in them and are hardly substantial enough to hold us over until 4pm, much less dinner time. So, after asking around the office and trying some recommendations, we've found some fantastic options in our quest to find the town's most filling and tastiest salad. From vegetarian to lettuce-free versions and even ones for meat lovers, we've covered all the bases in this list of L.A.'s 10 best salads that won't leave you hungry from restaurants all over town. [Photos via @libglay, @dkcas24, @alexewell, @dallatorredesign]