Artful, elegant, and uniquely glamorous - so describes Barbette, both the West Hollywood eatery opened this week, and its legendary vaudevillian namesake.

The brainchild of industry vets Jared Meisler and Sean MacPherson, who together have brought us LA staples like Jones and The Pikey, Barbette is certainly a hybrid of sorts. From its café society bistro interiors, to its lush and almost exotic garden room, it serves up French essence via two distinct experiences. The menu, too, melds worlds. Helmed by Executive Chef Robert Flaherty, it features French classics with a Hollywood mindset - veggie heavy, gluten light.

Indeed, the duality mirrors that of the original Barbette, an American-born trapeze artist and all-around fascinating figure who took Paris by storm in the 1920s, captivating the likes of Jean Cocteau and Man Ray. MacPherson, who designed the space (and who is also behind East Coast hotel haunts such as The Bowery and The Marlton, as well as Montauk's The Crow's Nest), says, "There were many levels of sophistication to Barbette's act - it was death defying, athletic, refined and when it was over, Barbette would remove her wig to reveal she was a he - which was knocked off by Julie Andrews in the film Victor Victoria. Barbette self described the performance as having 'strange beauty,' which just resonated with me."

That vibe is effortlessly captured within the upscale space, and if you're looking for an unexpected "wow" factor, we suggest swinging in (à la Barbette) for dinner. Click through for your first look!

Barbette, 7511 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood

[Photos by Rob Stark courtesy Barbette]