Breaking: Sean MacPherson Previews "Il Covo" For Lunch...

by guestofaguest · March 21, 2011

    ...In fact, it's been open to the public for two weeks now (at least in "preview" mode, note, no valet, etc.).  In typical Sean MacPherson style, (See: The Jane Ballroom, The Crow's Nest, etc.), the highly buzzed about opening of Il Covo, in the old Orso space on 3rd and Hamel happened with much less fanfare than many probably hoped for.  Take a look inside...

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    The rich interior of Il Covo makes one feel very much like they might be entering a Spanish Mediterranean home. The mohair finished booths, rustic mirrors hanging from walls surrounded by eclectic pieces of art, the pristine white table clothes, the old world tiles on the walls, stairs, and floors; the old fashioned fireplaces, and the hand painted rustic ceilings are just the start of the pieces helping to bring a significant sophistication to the space. Oh. And, we haven't even gotten to its prized possession: the outdoor patio:

    [Open doors to Il Covo (R), the construction going on in patio (L)]

    Though currently still in construction, (they are adding higher walls to the closed in garden space), hearing chainsaws through our lunch seemed to add to the satisfaction of knowing we were among the first to grace Il Covo's doors- though last Friday's patron, Mel Brooks, felt differently. He most likely won't be back until the garden quietly opens up in a few weeks. But, all of you other curious creatures should stop on by and start tasting the young Milan native Roberto Maggioni's preview lunch  menu. You may even get lucky and get to meet the guy and give him your feedback:

    [Roberto speaking with lunch patrons today, (L), the steps to the second floor, (R)]

    Still very much a work in progress, you will be greeted with smiling faces and a helpful (and, we might add, handsome), waitstaff. Be on the look out for GM Eric Rosenfeld, the dapper guy who has previously managed Macpherson's hot spot's in NYC including The Waverly Inn, Gemma (at the Bowery Hotel), and The Crow's Nest (in Montauk). And, come back tomorrow morning for a first glance at the current menu.

    Il Covo 8706 W Third Street West Hollywood, CA  90048