Hot dayummm, summer is confused!! My August tan is fading and Los Angeles is literally 100 degrees in the middle of October. But I'm not complaining. I so much prefer surprise heatwaves over wet, dreary days when this town has no idea how to cope with rain. This is what I like to refer to as Jewish girl's "leave the sweater at home" kind of weather. For those of you without jappy friends, Jewish girls are always cold and we never leave the house without an extra layer, even in summer and especially at night, just in case there's a draft or it gets chilly. It has nothing to do with our theology, it's just in our DNA. And with L.A. being a desert, it always cools down to sweater-worthy temps at the very least.

But not this week. This week we can step out with confidence in knowing a sweater isn't going be necessary and I like to take full advantage of that with outdoor dining. This week I'll take a table outside, thank you very much. So here's a list of our favorite restaurants in town to sit outside we think you'd like too, whether you're a Jewish girl or not.

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