Hitting Up Fred 62 For Some Post-Club Grub

by Emily Green · August 13, 2010

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    We're all familiar with that feeling after stumbling out of the club hungrier than we ever remember being. But then again, remembering things in such a state is not our forte. When the drunken hunger sets in, getting a grilled cheese becomes a life or death situation, and in these early morning hours, our options are few and far between. Fred 62 in Los Feliz has been answering the late night prayers of hungry Angelenos for over a decade and become a trusted friend that pulls through when turkey burgers and milkshakes become matters of survival.   Delicious diner offerings served up with some waitress sass for good measure are what you count on at this 24/7 eatery, as well as a generous self-hating hipster factor. This is what you can expect to find for your post-clubbing meal experience at Fred 62...

    Where the magic happens...

    Who needs a straw at 3am when you can just put your face IN the milkshake?!

    Breakfast at 3am never tasted so good, and bacon becomes necessary.

    Mushy foods are a delicacy when hammered. And Treasure Island French Toast just sounds like something you'd want to get down with.

    Having a great night so far.

    "But... I thought you said we were going to split that, dude? Don't you want some of my burger?"

    "Nanners on da baby panqueques!"