"Prohibition is almost over" reads a sign outside of the establishment that proves the statement true. Lowell Farms, the country's first licensed cannabis cafe and restaurant, is opening its doors this week in West Hollywood, and it's setting a major precedent for the hospitality industry in the age of legalization. 

The dreamy, greenery-draped indoor-outdoor space, which lists Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson among its investors, serves as a chic spot for smokers to buy and consume marijuana, or, for a small fee, bring their own (BYOC? We're in!). Doubling as a dispensary, the spot will sell everything from vape pens to bongs, and boasts its own "Dab bar." Order up a pre-made joint or have a “flower host” roll one at your table. Talk about high expectations.

There's also a farm-to-table food program, helmed by veteran canna-chef Andrea Drummer. Though California's state laws prohibit the serving of infused meals, she's created dishes meant to complement the cannabis. However, the cafe will sell packaged edibles from second-party producers that guests can eat on-site.

And don’t worry about smelling like a frat party when you leave - Lowell has installed an industrial strength air-filtration system to keep the atmosphere, and its visitors, smoke-free. Your move, Amsterdam.

[Photos via @lowellcafe]