Inside The Bridge At The Roosevelt

by Emily Green · August 17, 2010

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    In case you needed another reason to hit up the Roosevelt this summer, their newest restaurant, The Bridge, offers a quintessential L.A. dining experience for hotel guests that even locals can appreciate. And, in the off chance some hip kid exhibitionist decides to do some skinny dipping, you'll have the best view in the house.

    Located directly above Tropicana, The Bridge is an open-air patio-like space overlooking the legendary Hollywood hotel's David Hockney pool. Opened this summer by Domiane Restaurant Group's Tim and Liza Goodell, the restaurant features California cuisine with a menu that change from week to week, but always with dishes made from Farmer's Market ingredients.

    A leisurely dinner there is a pretty convenient way to kick off a night at Tropicana, since diners are granted access to the poolside night destination and can bypass any potential sass at the selective door.  And a night at The Bridge won't put a strain on your sorry bank balance, with appetizers falling under $10 and entrees averaging $20, so don't worry -- you'll have plenty of cash to blow on $15ish drinks when it's time to hit Tropicana or Teddy's (if you're anything like us, the fact that valet takes credit card has been huge many a night).

    So the next time you're planning a midnight adventure at the Hollywood haunt, might we suggest starting off with some $7 bottomless sangria and apps (kind of a civilized alternative to the pregame?) until you're ready to mosey on down to NightSwim or Teddy's.