Remember that scene in Collateral where the coyote runs across the middle of the street in Hollywood, and Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx just kinda stare at him, and then Chris Cornell starts singing, and then it's a metaphor for the urban predator or man's inherent wildness or something? Well, movies can be fun and all, but why settle for make-believe when we have our own real-life city-meets-nature metaphor smack dab in the middle of Downtown LA? That's right: the goats are back.

Here, for your enjoyment, are the best photos we could find of our four-legged friends chowing down on the overgrowth. I now believe more than ever before that when mankind ultimately destroys itself, goats will inherit the planet. Surely there's a Will Smith movie in here somewhere.

note: all goat facts are courtesy of this website

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