"Entourage" Featured Locations: After Season 7, Our Season 8 Predictions

by Emily Green · September 27, 2010

    For Angelenos, playing "name that spot" to see who can identify the L.A. locations quickest is half the fun of watching "Entourage" and at least part of the reason we still tune in. The show features hotspots of the moment, as well as classics that have seen more fads than Betty White and transcended the average life expectancy of popular L.A. businesses. Keep reading to see our location predictions for the final season based on this season's featured venues. [Photo via]


    This season featured scenes from the infamous Voyeur, which, after being open for almost a year now, is past its prime. A look inside the venue had a wider appeal than just to heat-seaking Angelenos, as the bondage-themed nightclub also happens to be where thousands of dollars of the Republican National Committee were spent which led to an investigation and dismissal of an RNC staffer. [Photo via]


    Although shot during the day, the scene of Vince's buzzed 'do debut, to which his ever-so tactful publicist, Shauna, blurts out "Jesus, Vince! I thought you were Samantha Ronson from behind", takes place at Drai's Hollywood with lots of scantily-clad struggling actress/model extras.


    The gang does the paparazzi dash and scampers across Sunset from Soho House to Brent Bolthouse's Trousdale where Vince and Sasha are politely sucking face on a couch.   Despite the fact that Trousdale is never, ever that level of comfortably full (generally packed with bodies), the show does add a sprinkle of reality by featured the nightlife impresario himself and celebrity wrangler "Mighty Joe" aka Warren you'll often see handling business wearing an earpiece.


    This season wasn't the first to feature Tropicana but that's okay because the Roosevelt poolside bar is still the top summer nightlife destination it was a few years ago.  See you guys at Nightswim this week?

    Cafe 101

    We kind of love how they feature Cafe 101 on the show. It's one of the best 3am breakfast spots in town. [Photo via]

    Urth Caffe

    Urth Caffe on Melrose has been ground zero for the boys for years and is just as busy as depicted on the show.  But in real life, you place your order at the register, take a number, and wait for your food to be brought to your table--no waitresses to pick up for some afternoon delight. But you guys can dream.

    The Ivy

    It only makes sense that the most overrated and attention-seeking "celeb"-infested restaurant would be the scene of a power-meal for Vince and Peter Berg. Is "Entourage" playing on the Hollywood cliche of dining at The Ivy on Robertson? If the show were real, E would probably prohibit Vince from taking any meetings or even being seen at the restaurant, but the rest of the world assumes this is where a meeting would take place, thanks to Us Weekly.


    Another power-lunch spot, the sunny bistro adjacent to the Montage in Beverly Hills is the site of a Lizzy-Ari confrontation.


    A steakhouse favorite for nearly 20 years, Morton's is featured in the season finale when Terrance asks E to sign a pre-nup.


    When Sasha reveals her ex-fiance will also be her costar in the upcoming porn, they're dining at SBE's XIV which boasts a ridiculous scene reminiscent of the Hard Rock Las Vegas' Rehab pool party on Sunday afternoons/evenings.

    -Our Predictions For Season 8-

    Red O

    Do we smell a heavy-handed Avion placement at the trendy Mexican restaurant's tequila lounge? Drama will get in an argument with the restaurant's bouncer in front, who may or may not be the same one who used to man the door at Koi.

    Joan's On 3rd

    Toast was a favorite of the gang's in previous seasons but Joan's, one of the best little lunch spots around located just a block or so down 3rd, has never been featured. We predict an E-Sloan lunch date here as she discusses bridesmaid drama and china patterns.

    The London West Hollywood

    Some kind of rooftop soiree at the West Hollywood hotel is definitely in order for next season. Oh! Maybe one of Ari's kids' bar mitzvahs?


    We're pretty surprised the popular Italian eatery on Melrose wasn't featured this season considering the lasting buzz surrounding it.  Next season we think it could be the site of a group dinner, perhaps a double date? Maybe an "I'm sorry" dinner for Mrs. Ari. [Photo via]



    The Santa Monica Food Truck Lot

    We saw a nod to L.A.'s food truck trend this season with a Baby's Badass Burgers cameo.  Now, an entire lot which opens tomorrow will feature an array of mobile fare that's become a staple of L.A. dining culture.  We predict a visit to the food truck lot by Turtle and Drama.


    The week-old bar opened by Johnny Zander who brought us Green Door and Teddy's will have to make an appearance next season. Scott Lavin will get a table in an attempt to woo Leo and Vince will be tempted to crash the party. Hollywood hilarity ensues to keep Vince on the wagon.

    Premiere Supper Club

    The new nightclub described as "Villa on crack" has also only just opened next door to Las Palmas, another venue noticeably absent from the show's locations.  After a stint at Promises, Vince will relapse at Vinny Laresca and the rest of the Villa crew's new nightspot and do lines at a table upstairs as he watches the Tony Montana impersonator do his Scarface shtick. Brandon and Damon will send out an SOS via BBM to Eric who will come to Vince's rescue. Boom.

    Other location we sense could turn up next season include: (Pizzeria) Mozza, The Apple Pan, SBE's The Colony, and since he's overstayed his welcome at The Roosevelt, maybe an extended stay at Sam Nazarian's The Redbury?