You Could Be A TV Restaurant Reviewer!

by Emily Green · June 2, 2010

    OMG, you guys. Your dreams of being the next Anthony Bourdain could finally come true and you could be the star of a restaurant review reality show just by responding to this Craigslist ad! As we've learned repeatedly from such gems as "Daisy of Love," "Breaking Bonaduce," and "Jersey Shore," any idiot can be on a reality show, so why can't you?

    The ad states that L.A. Restaurant Daily and a production company are gearing up for a "cutting edge restaurant television show" and are looking for reviewers in the L.A. area. So here's the deal:

    "We are looking for actors/actresses interested in doing restaurant reviews. You will be given 3 hours (from 12noon to 3 pm or 6 pm to 9 pm) to organize a restaurant review. This is a real-time, live, reality based, whatever you want to call it television show. During your 3 hours you will be filmed (from any starting point you want: house, office, outside a restaurant, inside a restaurant, in a parking garage, at a grocery store, etc...) and you must complete a restaurant review with a digital camera."

    Even though they say they want actors, we say go for it anyway, even if you're not one (literally anyone can be on reality TV!). The show is looking to shoot 30 contestants over the next two months, so plan accordingly if you're interested. Not only will qualified contestants get their 15 minutes in the spotlight (actually, the maximum video length is 10 minutes), but the person with the best restaurant review video wins $10,000. Now, we just want to throw this out there for people considering "auditioning": pick a restaurant you know sucks so you can totally bash it. Restaurants you have a personal issue with and would love the chance to slam also work. A bad meal is great opportunity for some high drama scenarios and theatrics that make for good TV. People would much rather you express disgust and horror at something than rave about how great it is and ramble on about the texture and aftertaste. Boooringggg....

    So pull out all the stops, people. Cringe, send the plate back, sniff the food and react with a dramatic gag, spit a bite out in your napkin. You can even play a little dirty by planting a dark curly hair or dead fly in the food. And be sure to make a scene in the restaurant, because, even as a fellow diner, there's something really satisfying in witnessing an explosive scene in a restaurant with an outraged patron. Those are our thoughts anyway, but take it in whatever direction you want. And best of luck to you in reality TV!

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