Twitteriffic Tweets: Sam Ronson's At Teddy's Tonight, Dirt Nasty's On His Way Back Here, Ashton Kutcher's At An Overpriced Hotel, And Joel McHale's By Himself Playing 'Plants Vs. Aliens'

by Emily Green · May 3, 2010

    @samantharonson Dj'ing at teddy's tonight- should be a full on family affair. i've got @iamMarkRonson and @cjronson in town. 7 minutes ago via web - @aplusk Just ordered a vodka tonic at my hotel and got a bill for $20. Bah! time for a trip to the liquor store 33 minutes ago via Brizzly - @Dirt_Nasty Thank you NYC and NJ for the great times I don't remember cuz I was so wasted. I think I had a blast. Back to Cali 43 minutes ago via UberTwitter - @MissKellyO for everyone that keep asking MIA means 'missing in action' about 1 hour ago via Twitterrific

    - @mindykaling I feel like Russell Crowe checks in with his agent every year to see when enough time has passed so he can remake Braveheart. about 2 hours ago via OpenBeak - @joelmchale Sometimes I think I'm wasting my life playing Plants vs. Aliens on my ipad. I'm weaning myself. I've only played six hours today. about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter - @RealAudreyKitch I asked my friend when Cinco De Mayo was and she can't stop laughing... about 2 hours ago via mobile web

    - @EthanSuplee So bummed about being ushered out of movie due to a fire alarm, until I walked downstairs and saw the panicked faces fleeing Burke Williams. 17 minutes ago via UberTwitter