Listen, if anyone deserves to be popping bottles of champagne on a boat in Miami after this is all over, it's most definitely the healthcare workers who have been battling COVID on the front lines. Emphasis, however, on "after this is all over." But Instagram personality and widely-proclaimed "sexiest doctor alive" Doctor Mike just couldn't wait to party - and it's landed him in some hot water with his fans and followers.

Since the early days of the pandemic, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski (better known as Doctor Mike), has been urging his over 4 million followers to take the virus seriously, wear masks, wash their hands, and social distance. In fact, he appeared on Fox Business way back in January to discuss the issue when news about the coronavirus first came out of China. Since then, he's continued to dispel myths, answer questions, and even interviewed Dr. Fauci! 

So you can only imagine our disappointment (and probably Fauci's if he ever found out!) when photos and videos emerged of the 31-year-old social media star celebrating his birthday last week on a boat in Miami, surrounded by maskless IG models. Seeming to skip his own advice to "research" any destinations you might travel to, and "look at hospitalization rates to make sure they’re not peaking," Doctor Mike hit Florida while the state has been in a state of emergency, tracking thousands of new cases daily. 

As one commenter on Reddit asked, "Do good looking people just have an immunity to it that we aren't aware of, or does he just think the rules don't apply to him?"

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[Photo via @doctor.mike]