A Derek Blasberg Imposter Has Been Trying To Party Crash All Art Basel Long

by Stephanie Maida · December 9, 2019

    If there was one social scenester to impersonate in order to infiltrate some of the industry's most exclusive bashes, it'd be Derek Blasberg (who, let's be real, pretty much did the same thing while launching his career). The writer and professional partygoer who worked his way up to heading YouTube's fashion and beauty partnerships is a recognizable name accepted by the A-list, but not too far of a stretch to show up in one's inbox as an actual celebrity.

    Such explains why he was the perfect target for a couple of sneaky party-crashers down at Art Basel who, according to Page Six, have been digitally masquerading as the Instragm It Boy for as long as a year. 

    PR sources say a fake email account, made to look similar to Blasberg's, has been reaching out to RSVP for VIP events in Miami all Basel long. While the suspect is still unknown, they've apparently been dumb enough to request the same two plus-ones, which, if they aren't Karlie Kloss or Nick Brown, are likely to be the social-climbing culprits themselves.

    Careful out there, party people!

    [Photo via @derekblasberg]