Well If This Isn't The Cringiest Way To Tell Everyone You Have A White Bentley...

by Guest of A Guest · October 27, 2022

    Ready for your cringe moment of the day?

    Last week, Samantha Angelilli's car was stolen while parked at her home in Miami. "Four juveniles" drove away with her car, when somehow, the front bumper totally fell off, leaving the thieves no choice but to cut their losses and abandon the vehicle in the middle of the street.

    A frustrating event, obviously.

    A slightly entertaining story to tell, maybe.

    But the way that Samantha puts it... well, let's just say who knew someone could find so many eye-rolling ways to mention that they have a Bentley. 

    Pardon, a white Bentley.

    Like, we get it - you have a white Bentley, and some random kids wanted to steal it. Of all the crosses to bear!

    But also, who is this post a PSA for? 

    I mean, I guess in Miami a bunch of tacky rich people - but still!

    Doesn't this post read as the most ridiculously unnecessary and cringe!?

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