It looks like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are staying in Florida - thank God!

The undesirable duo are laying down some serious roots as it was just revealed that back in April they closed on a $24 million home on Miami's Indian Creek Island, AKA "Billionaire Bunker." While the couple were able to shave $1 million off the asking price, we're not exactly sure you'd say they walked away winners. Like, this place needs some serious updates. It has all the glamour of a French-inspired Las Vegas hotel from the 1990s. 

Our favorite detail in the whole house? Well it has to be the white microwave sitting on the counter. Who the fuck has a white microwave these days?! Let alone in a $24 million house!

And that's the least of their worries. Peep this photo that the New York Post featured showing the current seriously unappealing state of the swimming pool... 

Curious to see more? Click through for a peek inside the 6-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom pad.   

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