Why spend millions for a mere portrait or two by Andy Warhol when you can purchase an entire house decked out like a piece of pop art? King of Americana, Tommy Hilfiger, has put his colorful (to say the least) South Florida home on the market for $27.5 million - not bad for a mod mansion in Golden Beach. The 7-bedroom, 12-bath estate boasts a distinctly retro, '60s/'70s vibe, with mirrored ceilings, swirled staircases, and even a disco ball bar. Talk about groovy. According to Page Six, everything inside is also available for purchase through The Jills, and yes, that includes the scratch-n-sniff banana wallpaper in the bathrooms.

If anything, this place would be a great crash pad during Art Basel. Imagine!

[Photos via The Jills]