The "Nerd Alert" Report....

by Rachelle Hruska · March 27, 2009

    It's the web-couple's ultimate dilemma: To blog or not to blog..." Um, if this is your biggest dilemma as a couple, we think you have much bigger problems to address (remember this disaster?) Alas, the wacky kids in SXSW decided to create a he said/she said video on the topic at hand. [The Frisky]

    Flickr co-founder Caterina Fakes' new startup, Hunch is launching in Beta today.  We have a hunch that it's going to be a hit. [Silicon Ally Insider]

    Cool marketing scheme of the day: Ben & Jerry's adds Facebook Connect to their homepage, not that we needed anymore reason to help name our favorite flavors...[Ben & Jerry's

    TV is dead. Disney is reportedly in "serious talks" to get ABC and ESPN on Hulu. The Disney Channel would inevitably follow leaving CBS as the only major broadcaster not on Hulu? [Gizmodo]

    Yes Google did indeed fire 200 employees today, but that doesn't mean its going to stop being relevant.  They are holding their "Campfire One" sessions for developers on April 7th on the lawn at headquarters where they will be making a big announcement (aka Java on AppEngine). [Tech Crunch]

    Wanna see every single notebook on the market right now in one giant obnoxious collage? [Umpc Portal]

    There is no chance for a music startups to work unless some radically different business model emerges.  Right now, streaming music startups don't want more people using their service because they actually lose money from every one of them. What?! [Tech Crunch]

    And finally, this pretty much takes the cake in nerdville: people are actully ARGUING over trite things such as who is the mayor of Pinche on Mott st, and if ordering in can count as a check in on Four Square!  If you are competely lost, don't worry, you are better off. [Foursquare]