The 'Nerd Alert' Report...

by Rachelle Hruska · August 12, 2009

    [Jakob Lodwick. Insane fameball or unrealized genius? You decide] It's been awhile....let's take a little look see at what the nerds have been up to shall we?

    -The latest trend amongst the geeks? NOT twittering/blogging/tumblring/facebooking their social interactions. Though it's really hard to actually keep a social media famester party on the DL; props to them for trying (it's so cute). One meetup that didn't care about being found out: the"Meet the Tech" wine and cheese event last night, brought to you by the lovely ladies of nonsociety and pals (left). [Nonsociety]

    -Google is so cool that it's giving it's nerd herd secret passwords and "sandbox" beta pages and stuff. The secret word "caffeine" suggests that this new update to their algorithms is going to basically energize the way we find things on the web. [Google Webmaster Central Blog]

    Facebook picked up friendfeed for a cool $50 mill. After the deal was signed (by nerds in hoodies and flip flops of course), they decided to take on Twitter next (for realz). Check out "Facebook Lite" it's like Facebook on a diet! Looks just like an earlier version of itself. [CNet]

    Twitter's co-founder, Evan Williams is the proud father of a healthy baby boy. His wife, Sara Morishige Williams, tweeted in labor, OBVI! [Valleywag]

    Meanwhile, his partner Jack spent the day teaching our Mayor, Michael Bloomberg how to Tweet! [Silicon Alley Insider]

    It's official: we currently have 10 levels of intimacy in today's communication. [Please Enjoy]

    Twitter as a mood ring. How some researchers are calling it the new hedonimeter: a device that measures happiness. [NYTimes]

    Gartner Inc came out with their '09 report called the "Hype Cylce for Emerging Technologies." In it they forecast the death of Twitter. [Soup]

    Oh god. My eyes! [Jake Lodwick]