MTV's "The City" Has A New Boy In Town: Freddie Fackelmayer

by SARAH KUNST · October 21, 2009

    Whitney PortThings in New York work a certain way for the young and beautiful: Move to Manhattan post college and find friends old and new who admire your wind swept hair and enviable chest. Get a cush job in a perk laden industry. And then you meet the girl of your MTV casting dreams and get introduced mid-season onto a successful reality show. This formula seems to be working pretty well for Whitney Port's newest central casting heart throb, Freddie Fackelmayer, on The City...

    We've known about Freddie's impending entrance onto the show for a while so we checked in with our Greenwich tipsters to find out a little bit more about the new replacement for Whitney's ex BF Jay .

    He [Freddie] went to Greenwich Country Day School and Greenwich high school. Was a popular guy and quite the industrious entrepreneur, sold super high quality fake ids . Went on to George Washington University where he was a constant fixture in the club scene.

    Contributor Betsey may have been pretty much on point about this one: He sounds like a giant dick.

    [Photo via Getty]