Cowboys and Indians Andy Warhol Flowers: FS11.6Big Electric Chair Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor

POP International Galleries, in conjunction with the Revolver Gallery, come together for two short months to display the legendary works of Andy Warhol. The collection, entitled "Icons and Symbols," encapsulates Warhol's career from start to finish, immersing New York City attendees with the constant struggle, socially and politically, to make sense of this rapidly changing world. The collection, which is believed to be both an "art history lesson, as well as an art collectors dream" embodies over 50 pieces, paying respects to Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Muhammad Ali. The collection, which is on display from November 8th until January 1st in SoHo, but for those who are missing out on this golden opportunity, don't fret! Check out our slideshow to see our top pieces being featured.

POP International Galleries 473 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012