It's been a big summer for Oscar Wilde. First, a bar feting the fabulousness of the famed author. Now, a temple turned shrine celebrating the OG martyr of gay rights. And all this for a dead guy. Good PR people, no doubt.

Coinciding with the flurry of Fashion Week, the Oscar Wilde Temple, nestled ever so cozily in the lower level of The Church of the Village, has been taking over Instagram. Fashion editors, loyal literary followers, and intrigued passersby have all been paying their photogenic respects. A public installation by artists David McDermott and Peter McGough, bouquets of sunflowers sit solemnly beside a wooden sculpture of the man himself. Framed with a backdrop of draped Victorian curtains, colorfully lit by a stained glass window centered behind, it's a setting one can only imagine Wilde would have found more than fitting. Very iconic. Equally iconographic.

Further exploring Wilde's role as a deity of the gay religion, hung along the walls is a series entitled, "The Stations of Reading Gaol," telling the story of his trial, conviction and prison sentence for homosexual activity. 

A relevant reminder of the progress we've made and that which we've to go, click through for a look at the temple!

[Photo via @marybethbergtoldmulcahy]