If your Pinterest page is flush with photos of all things home, if your apartment is bursting with old copies of Architectural Digest and The World Of Interiors, if you're forever searching for a glimmer of decorative inspiration anywhere and everywhere, we've got the book for you!

Life Meets Art takes readers inside the legendary homes of 250 of history's most interesting, stylish and creative names. 

Tour inside surrealist favorite Salvador Dali's library featuring stuffed swans and bouquets of dried flowers, or impressionist Claude Monet's bright yellow dining room with matching hued chairs and tables, or designer Christian Dior's sophisticated and chic Château de la Colle Noire. Trust us, you'll be immediately desperate to redo every room in your apartment the moment you crack open the book.

Curious for a little peek inside the inspiration overload that awaits? Click through for a few of our favorite interiors from the design-lover's must-have!

[Photos courtesy Phaidon]