The month of September is always a difficult one to reconcile, as the hot summer sun starts to dull, and those weekly trips out East each Friday afternoon seem to leave you freed up with tons more time to kill.

Kick the end of summer blues and reminisce of all the fun had at the exhibit to see this month, Raphael Mazzucco's été sans fin. A modern man's Peter Beard - layering, collaging, and painting reams of his gorgeous, blunt photographs - Raphael's a Montauk local whose name has been one to know on the art scene for some three decades.

With a veritable who's who of fans, including Carine Roitfeld and Alessandra Ambrosio, when Damien Hirst walks into your solo show and buys out the entire exhibit on the spot, as happened with Mazzucco in 2011, you can bet your career's got something. 

Inspired by the beauty of the Hamptons nature, pieces in été sans fin range from shots of models streaked with paint to decoupaged scenic spreads of still beaches, you'll be reminiscing of sunnier days past, and thinking up creative ways to get to piece together your Instagram shots. "Montauk is that one place with a little bit of chaos, and a lot of beauty," Raphael mused. "There are not many places where all people, no matter what their social status is, come together to enjoy their summer." 

Click through to see a selection of the pieces now on view at HG Contemporary!