Enter the National Arts Club, and you'll come face-to-face with its storied history. Portraits of iconic arts patrons line its paneled walls and stairwells, and pillared busts bring art scene supporters - nearly - to life. Tucked away in the Club's Gregg Galleries, however, is another, more modern set of portraits. This month, the Club's Young Members Committee debuted "The Space Between," an exhibition that explores the use of intentional negative space within representational art. From cut-outs and color juxtapositions to fade-away faces, the group show plays with themes of emptiness, void, mystery, mortality, and beyond.

We toured "The Space Between" with co-curators Jenny Mushkin-Goldman and Ryan Bradley - whose art also appears in the show - to better understand the nuances of negative space. You can read ahead for the interview, and check out the exhibition through Friday at the National Arts Club.

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