This room looks like the far more optimistic, equally pack-rattish living room of Miss Havisham. A fort of sorts, tented with draped fabrics thin enough to let in light, the room is bursting with overly feminine prints, blooming with colors and soft hues that speak to every step of female taste from girlish to grandma. So lively, and yet so suffocating, The Garden sits as the main attraction of Portia Munson's exhibition at PPOW Gallery in Chelsea.

The pink theme continues in the room over at Her Coffin, a large glass box stuffed with pink plastic trash, from high heel doll shoes to breast cancer awareness bands. Add in a dollhouse packed with animal bones, and a photo series of flower-crowned deceased birds, and this exhibit is the must-stop for all intellectual, you'll-never-understand-me cool kids in search of something to overanalyze and make sense of. Though all simple minded fans of pink and lovers of unique Instagrams should feel welcome to visit as well.

Flip through for a look!