Jeppe Hein, "Please Touch The Art"

Jeppe HeinWhenMay 17, 2015 – Apr 17, 2016 WhereBrooklyn Bridge Park What: From the Manhattan Bridge to Pier 1, let each step take you through art and nature in Hein's public exhibition. Start at Pier 1, where Appearing Rooms features columns of shooting water, creating rooms you can walk through at timed intervals, promising to keep you dry. Head to the Mirror Labyrinth at Pier 3 in which 3 mirrored arches invite you to walk in, under and about as they reflect the Manhattan Skyline and the silhouettes of passerby's. Lastly, if art is putting you to sleep (gasp!), take a seat on Hein's last touch, Modified Social Benches, 16 red benches that blend in with and enhance the exhibition. Jeppe Hein, Please Don't Touch the Art [Photo via]
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