As fun as the old museum move of step back, tilt the head, and stare is, there's just something exciting about interactive pieces that never gets old. Walk-in art, if you will. That's how I'd describe Jonny Detiger’s latest exhibition, Amplified Space.

Kaleidoscopic Plexiglas sculptures dice the room into three small, phone booth sized spaces, while a changing hue of kaleidoscopic walls paint the scene of multiple sound based installations. Take a seat in the Boom Boom Box piece, where your tush will activate randomly looped beats and sounds - a sitting symphony of sorts. Continue in your Goldilocks pursuit and sit down in Love Shower, a metallic sculpture whose seat plays the ever groovy tune "Love to Love You Baby" while Hawaiian flower scented bubbles rain down upon you. Yes, bubbles. All this, plus kinetic light installations, an interactive drummer/bassist video experience, and more!

Take a peak at the exhibit on display now through February 9th at Howl! Happening, at 6 East 1st Street.