This Wednesday, the New York Academy of Art’s Annual Take Home a Nude art party and auction will take place at Sotheby’s. Honoring figurative painter and devoted Academy supporter John Alexander, the event is a society favorite, bringing out a host of names. This year, Event Chairs include Jane and Jimmy Buffett, Amy Cappellazzo, Caroline Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg, Alice and Lorne Michaels, and Marcia and Richard Mishaan, with Junior Chairs Nick Brown (Derek Blasberg's boyfriend), Nell Diamond, and Isabel Wilkinson (remember her gorgeous Italian wedding?).

Featuring over 100 works, both nudes and even a few non-nudes for the blushing amongst you, the auction has been pre-listed on Paddle8 in anticipation of the event. So should Wednesday night come along, and you not feel like throwing on your cocktail attire, still snag a new piece for your collection! Click through for a look at some of our favorites up on the block.

[Photos courtesy New York Academy of Art]