This Friday, The Whitney will let New Yorkers, tourists, and art-lovers alike in on a most big treat with the debut of Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s, the ultimate one-stop shop for the bold, modern art pieces that defined one of New York's coolest, most artistically impressive decades.

From Jean-Michel Basquiat to Julian Schnabel, the '80s wasn't all about big bad crimped hair. In a changing world, artists of the day were each in their own way keen on painting in political gestures and comments within their works. Let's just say if you thought there was social strife today, give yourself a reality check. Let us not forget that AIDS, feminism, gentrification, and war were all just as big hitters back in the day as well.

On display from January 27th to May 14th, the exhibition is sure to draw quite the crowd - so get in early.

For a special sneak peak, flip through for a preview of some of our personal favorites from the collection!