Shanghai Mermaind, The Underground Speak-Easy/Burlesque-Cabaret

by MADDY MADISON · June 25, 2008

    shanghai mermaidThough it sounds like the name of a bad Jackie Chan movie, Shanghai Mermaid is going down this Saturday the 28th at an unannounced location where unknown things will likely occur. Now a monthly event, Shanghai Mermaid, an underground speak easy cabaret promises to envelope you on absinthe, evoke the 1920's Paris, old New York, and Weimar Berlin all while draining your will to return to work for the rest of the month.

    In case you were considering rolling up in Havianas and a sundress, I would heed the invitation which strongly urges the selected attendees to don costumes. Be prepared for burlesque entertainment, punk rock, trapeze artists and classic cocktails somewhere in Brooklyn. As with most things in this fair city, you gotta make the first move: RSVP for the location.