The Scent Of Brooklyn

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · May 14, 2008

     During a recent shopping trip to Cobble Hill, I stumbled upon a new fragrance obsession. Brooklynites snubbed by Bond No. 9 have officially found their own olfactory expression: eau de brooklyn in tea-bergamot. In addition to smelling great and being Brooklyn, we can also say that this parfum is easy on the wallet at a mere $26.50 (or $28 if you’re not buying direct from the website) per 0.5 oz. Sure, Warhol is nowhere to be seen, but maybe that’s exactly what makes it Brooklyn. That and, well, everything else about it. We know that eau de brooklyn was born in Boreum Hill and we can only hope that Brooklyn is home to its manufacturing and production, as well.

    So far, tea-bergamot is the only scent available – no word on whether there are more to come. We found it at Néda Boutique, but it is also available at other fine stores across the borough. For those Brooklyn fans that are too lazy/busy to cross the river, the perfume is available online, along with eau de brooklyn soap.