Prince William, Kate Middleton

Will and Kate are in the building - we repeat, Will and Kate are in the building. Well, they're in NYC, but they will be in the building tonight when they head to the Barclays Center to catch their first ever NBA game in Brooklyn. We wonder if Prince William and Duchess Kate will run into our own royal couple tonight in the house that Jay built (would Kate or Beyonce curtsy first?). Then again, why wonder when you can just see for yourself? If you're as royal-obsessed as we are, chances are you're planning your casual stalking spree as we speak. Well, since you'll need to wait for the Brooklyn Nets game to end so you can catch a glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. Charming, we've rounded up the top local spots near the Barclays Center to eat dinner, have a drink, and pretend that you're not totally psycho.

[Photos via @dotluxury, @heythereame]