Williamsburg Loses Hope Of Avoiding Transformation Into Lower East Side

by BILLY GRAY · April 14, 2010

    A Lower East Side bar is moving across the river to Williamsburg. It's bringing cover charges with it and continues the blurring of the downtown/Brooklyn dividing line. But just how much will the satellite stick out in the 'hood?

    Downtown Diaries cryptically broke the news:

    "So I found out who’s taking over the former Hope Lounge in Williamsburg. Management from a popular (is it still?) LES super-bar are trying their hand at the bar scene across the river. I’ll give you a few hints: the bar is located in Ludlow, they are also full functioning restaurant and they normally charge a cover at the door on weekends (gasp.)"

    Eater puts its money on Libation, the three-floor hellbar that is, believe it or not, still open. If true, Williamsburgers will likely yank out their ironic mustaches in frustration.

    But there's another possibility: Mehanata Bulgarian Bar. Bulgarian Bar is on Ludlow, charges $10 cover to anyone lacking an Eastern European accent and serves up the nation's storied cuisine. The crowd is Ludlow circa 2001 and Williamsburg circa now.

    The "super-bar" description fits Libation better than Bulgarian Bar. But there's hope (sorry) yet for the scruffy ones, who with any luck will drink all the vodka they can in an ice cage rather than deal with bottle service and "flair bartenders."

    Photo 1 via Jonathan Grey