The Reincarnation Of Bungalow 8: The Makeover Files

by Rachelle Hruska · October 1, 2008

    Look at the scene at Bungalow 8 this past Saturday!  The reincarnation is well on its way with one of our city's loviest of ladies leaving her birthday celebration in the hands of Disco and crew.  I am bummed I missed out on the celebration, that I was told was "very much like the old Bungalow 8."  I imagine Bungalow was just as thrilled to have her walls filled with socials, and, it was a chance for her to show off the new makeover that happened this September.  Can you spot the changes in the photos below?

    Bungalow 8Bungalow 8

    Click below for help:

    Bungalow 8

    Let there be light!

    [The Bungalow 8 Reincarnation: Memory Lane]