The Bungalow 8 Reincarnation: Memory Lane

by Rachelle Hruska · September 30, 2008

    Bungalow 8We asked. You answered.  In conjunction with our "Revival of Bungalow 8" efforts,  here is our first installment of "Memories From Bungalow 8":

    "Overlooking the crowd from the upstairs, I remarked to a friend of mine "who is that midget with the giant straw hat?! ... odd ...On the way out we realise it's Mary-Kate."

    "Or how about watching the disgusted faces from everybody waiting as that untalented, loathsome brat Lindsay Lohan got to repeatedly skip the bathroom line to do lines of another more powdery form?" [Sent by People From Good Homes]

    Send your favorite Bungalow 8 memories to Stanley [at] guestofaguest [dot] com....we can guarantee anonymity for the exceptionally racy ones.

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