Checking Out The New Wednesday Night Party AT Bungalow 8

by Rachelle Hruska · January 15, 2009

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    We haven't been to Bungalow 8 since our holiday party, and decided it was time to check in on the old standby.  So, Seana and her beau braved the weather and made it out to the new Wednesday night party, hosted by Malik So Chic, that is slowly gaining steam at Bungalow 8.  And guess what? Queen Amy Sacco herself stopped in late night to check up on things.  She was apparently "super nice."  Other guests included Karmela Lozina, Travis T Wicker, Cameron Nico, Jordan Fox, and Cliff Carson.  Next Wednesday, Jessica Stam is promised to make an appearance at the party.

    More photos below: