Bonnie Fuller Aims To Reanimate The Spray-Tanned Corpse Of Celeb Worship

by BILLY GRAY · November 13, 2009

    America's insatiable hunger for celebrity minutiae seems to have waned. The Unholy Trinity of tabloid staples either faded into Valtrex-dependent oblivion (Paris Hilton), cleaned up their acts (Britney Spears, we think) or became too sad to watch (Lindsay Lohan, 47). Also, we all went broke. But Bonnie Fuller, who spawned the demon child that was our national celeb obsession is betting on its return.-

    Fuller elevated US Weekly from bored-on-the-supermarket-line birdcage liner to bestselling household name brand. After leaving that rag (and its poor man's substitute, Star) she spent last summer building up a staff of twelve to ready for its relaunch on Monday. The site will cover the same mix of fashion, parties and staged scandal that brought US Weekly to prominence. But it will do so through the lens of a perky narrator or, as the site's preview video puts it, "Your New BF in Hollywood."

    With their Red Bull and cocaine diets, stars know a lot about second winds. So chances are Fuller will have a hit as she helps celebrity journalism, like a cooter-flashing Phoenix, rise from the ashes.

    Main Photo Courtesy of MediaBistro.